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A Little Bit About Fuel Injection

The benefits of fuel injection systems in automobiles are well documented and worth discussing. In the early days of automobile design and development, the standard carburetor worked quite well and served an important purpose – to prepare and then deliver an air-fuel...

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How Does My Cars Air Conditioning Work?

Everyone who drives a car in a warm climate will agree that an air-conditioner is a vital accessory for a car. For example, nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in a hot steamy car at the stoplight and having your clothes become wet and sticky. Aside from having...

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NC State Automotive Inspection, What You Need To Know

In some states, such as North Carolina, passing vehicle inspection is required before you can register a new vehicle or re-register an existing one. In order to pass these inspections, there are some major points you should go over on your car before you show up to an...

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What are Xenon Headlights?

HID headlights are considered to be one of the best advancement in the car lighting industry. The clear white light that they produce has been likened to the natural daylight. Consequently, these lights have become a common norm on various streets globally. How do...

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Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil What is The Difference?

There are several legitimate considerations to keep in mind when deciding between synthetic and conventional motor oils. Your location, how you drive your car, and the manufacturer’s recommendation all play a part in determining the type of motor oil to use. Yes,...

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My Car Won’t Start, What Should I Check First?

Any number of problems with an engine can keep a car from starting up, making it one of the more difficult problems to solve, even for experienced mechanics. While some of these issues may be solved with a little mechanical know-how or even a research on the Internet,...

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Amazing service. Blew my tire out on the highway and rode in on my spare. Everyone, there was knowledgeable and treated me like family. Got my tire replaced with no extra fees or pressure. In and out within an hour, and I was back on the highway. A truly pleasant experience. If you ever need service on your vehicle, get it here.

Majestic O.

Trust is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Poole’s Garage. The folks at Poole’s take care of your car like it was their own. Locally owned and operated just can’t be beat!!

Nancy C.

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